You are looking at my Cat / Dog Walking Harnesses. A great deal of attention to detail has gone into my hand-sewn  products, which can be customised to the individual pet. These harnesses are strong , secure and comfortable, and put through their paces by my energetic Jack Russell's, Bengal, Devon Rex and Burmese cats.
  Safe and Secure fitting                                65178890_1282383885271792_7431191211978784768_n
  Stylish and cool designs 
  Strong, fully adjustable Velcro fastening                                       Strongly secured metal D ring, to attach your lead which is    
    also  supplied with the harness
  These durable harnesses are made so that they can be   
securely and safely around the neck and chest
 Dependent on the size of your pet, my harnesses are   fully adjustable, to meet the needs of a growing puppy
 or kitten to a 
fully grown adult small breed dog or cat.
 Harnesses can be custom made to fit larger breed dogs
 or the tea
cup breeds.
 I am based in Johannesburg North South Africa.
 Please email or use the contact form for more info and prices.

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